3 Things To Take Into Account When Selecting eCommerce Templates

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If you are building an online store, you should know that it’s crucial to understand that the design and appearance of your website will have an impact on your online success. While it’s true that not every online seller can pay for a custom-built website, it’s also true that there are many eCommerce templates that you can find online. Some of them are completely free. In many cases, these eCommerce templates are offered by eCommerce platforms like Shopify or Magento for example. Before you select any of these themes, you should take a few things into account.

  1. Features

According to some experts, this is the most important activity in this process. Your eCommerce template must come with all the modern features and some features that your specific business might need. Simply visit other online stores in your niche and check what they have in order to understand what kind of features you will need. These features will attract new customers and keep the existing ones. Some common features found in most online stores today include advanced search and ordinary search box, selection of popular products, new products page/tab, store finder in case you have physical store/s, an icon of a shopping cart, news section and more.

  1. Design

The design of the eCommerce template is the first thing that your visitors will see. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should opt for some flashy and kitschy design just to get their attention. You must look for a design that makes a great combination of functionality and beauty. So, the smartest move is to put yourself in the position of customers and try to understand what they expect and what they need. Our advice is to keep things simple and add a few elements that will make the site look more interesting.

  1. Customization

Finally, keep in mind that it’s much better to use eCommerce templates that can be customized without any hassles. The more elements you can customize in the template the better. Every business is unique even if a few of them belong to the same industry. You have specific needs and requirements and so do your audience. That’s why it is a huge advantage if you can customize the different elements and features in the template.

By checking these things, you should be able to select a good eCommerce template.

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