How to choose the best Free eCommerce templates

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There are literally hundreds of free eCommerce templates out there. This is great news for those planning on starting an online store on a budget. However, this selection can also be confusing because people might have difficulties selecting the right free eCommerce templates for their websites.

It is very important to do some research before selecting an eCommerce template because these templates have an impact on the success of online stores. In case the template is good, visitors usually tend to stay longer on the website. If you want to get the most from your free eCommerce templates you must select the best ones. Follow these tips in order to make the right decision.

Think about the logo

Free templates in the past looked a little bit cheesy. In addition, many of the developers behind these free templates were trying to promote themselves through these templates by adding their logos and other elements. Luckily, the situation has changed and today software developers are providing free eCommerce templates with a clean, neat and beautiful design that mirrors the needs of modern business owners. As a result of that, people can now use free templates that match their logos. This is a very important issue and that’s why you have to focus on the color scheme and overall appearance of the template and how these things relate to your logo before choosing one. This advice is useful for people that already have a logo.

Choosing a template that matches the industry

Prior to the selection of a free eCommerce template, check a few websites of competitors. Focus on the colors they have selected. For instance, if you are selling health products, you will probably notice that most of the websites are using green, blue and white colors on their sites. Almost none of them use red color. This is natural because people associate the red color with pain, blood, passion and many other things that have nothing to do with health. So, think about the expectations of the target audience and the nature of the industry before selecting a template.

Fluid width vs fixed width

Finally, you should choose between fixed and fluid width templates. The first ones have a width that doesn’t adjust to visitor’s browser or device. The other ones are adjustable. Our suggestion is to use fluid width templates because modern Internet users are using many different devices and browsers to access the Internet.

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